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Darryl has been an avid reader since he received his very first library card at the ripe old age of eight. Reading was a way to escape the mundane, and visit worlds that he could only dream of seeing. Having always talked of writing a book; he had plenty of ideas, but never really took the time to see them take shape. He was finally coaxed into putting pen to paper by his daughter when she came to him with a request. She was tired of reading books about boy heroes and their helpful sidekicks, who always seemed to be girls, and wanted to read something where the girls came through to save the day for once.


After some brainstorming, and using his daughter and her friends as the basis for the main characters, the "Daughters of Avalon" series was born. He has finished the "Daughters of Avalon" trilogy and is working on his next series of books.


The new series is a set of mysteries starring Bernie Devlin, a witty amateur sleuth, based loosely on an amalgamation of his mother and aunt, both of whom influenced him greatly while he was growing up.


He currently resides in a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife, their three children, two dogs, two cats, and a gecko, and enjoys fishing when not writing.


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