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Devil May Care


A child born out of wedlock. Two jilted lovers. A wife with secrets she would rather keep hidden. Friends with ulterior motives. A family member shrouded in mystery. A murder weapon no one would ever suspect. All of this and more await Bernie Devlin as she faces off with a menace bent on revenge.Gregory Sinclair has the world in the palm of his hand – or so he thinks. Someone has grown tired of Gregory’s ways, and they plan on teaching him a lesson. There’s hatred in someone’s heart and murder on their mind, and they’re going to pull out all the stops to see their plan through.With her son’s new boss keeping her at arm’s length, will amateur sleuth Bernie Devlin be able to stop a killer with a Devil May Care attitude before they strike again?

Devil in the Details

A missing thumb drive, blackmail, and murder -- all just a bit too much for a sleepy little city like Ridgetown to deal with, but it's a walk in the park for a feisty grandma turned amateur sleuth.
Her name is Bernadette (Bernie) Devlin and she is one tenacious lady with an extraordinary love of puzzles -- especially for puzzling crimes. Nothing slips past her; and just when the bad guys think they have beaten her at her own game, they realize she is already five steps ahead!
More than a handful for her police detective son, Ryan -- it's the criminals who need to keep looking over their shoulders. She's got a devil may care attitude, and for one particular murderer Bernie Devlin is the "Devil in the Details!"

Daughters of Avalon


Fourteen year old Annalise Wilkins has recently moved to Traverse City with her parents; and while she tries to put on a brave front, the move leaves her feeling anxious. Dreading her first day at her new school, she considers herself lucky to gain four new friends. As their friendship grows, they begin to learn more about each other; like the fact that they are all adopted.
Soon after that, they begin to notice even stranger things occurring around them. There's an encounter in the schoolyard with a shadowy figure, time seems to come to a complete stop, and then there is their ever-growing sense of being watched. Each of the girls soon find that they have the ability to control various aspects of the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water...while Annalise learns that she has the capability of manipulating a force much more powerful and frightening.
Just as they are at a place of self-discovery, a mysterious woman introduces herself to them. They learn that she is a sorceress who has come to them from a distant place; drawn to them by the use of their powers. She offers to teach them how to utilize their gifts in exchange for a favor; that they aid her in opening a mystical book. Unbeknownst to the five girls, their new friend is actually the evil witch Morgan le Fay, and the book she wants them to open will give her the combined knowledge of all the great wizards, including her nemesis, Merlin.
With the aid of the enigmatic Ian Rimmel, a stranger with powers and secrets of his own, Annalise learns of the woman's deception and unwittingly places her friends' lives in danger. Undaunted, she realizes that she has to stop Morgan and save her friends; but will she be able to come to their aid before Morgan can open the book?

Daughters of Avalon: The Shadow King


Morgan le Fay has been defeated, and the Elementals are gaining control of their abilities. With each passing day, the girls see their powers growing stronger. However, as the young Sidhe gain more control over the elements, Erik wonders if he can maintain control over the curse that has been thrust upon him.
Just as it seems that life is becoming somewhat normal, their friend and mentor, Ian Rimmel, surprises them with an announcement: they are returning to Avalon! A shadow has fallen over the mystic Isle and its origins lie in an ancient prophecy. It is a journey that will reunite family, reveal new enemies, and unmask a Shadow King.

Daughters of Avalon: The Wizard's Book

Months have passed since their visit to Avalon, a visit that has left the Elementals and their friends with more questions than answers. And while they returned relatively unharmed, for some, the mental scars have yet to heal. There is no rest for the weary, however; and their mentor, Ian Rimmel, makes sure that they all train hard – as though their very lives depend upon it.
Tanna knows that Ian is not telling them everything, and her suspicions only grow when they are paid a visit by Averyil and Elwyn. The new arrivals inform them that everything they thought that they believed about the Shadow King is a lie, and that an even greater evil is fast approaching.
With the return of Morgan le Fay, and a creature even more frightening than the Hellhound she brought with her during her last visit to Traverse City, they learn that time is running out for them and the mystical Isle of Avalon.
With Ian without his powers, and Merlin’s magical staff missing, the girls and Erik are in for the fight of their lives as the vengeful sorceress comes after them with only one goal in mind: retrieving the Book of E’lythmarium. The prophecy has come full circle, but are the Elementals and their friends up to the task of seeing it fulfilled?

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